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About Us
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To be a manufacturer of the prominent brand with creating diligently in the field of health in China -- Xiamen Traditional Chinese Medicine

A traditional Chinese medicine enterprise subordinated to Shanghai Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd.
  National high-tech enterprise
  A "promise - keeping" enterprise titled by the government
  " AAA Credit enterprise " in the traditional Chinese medicine industry in China
  Won the star enterprise of medicine quality control 20 times through 20 years
  Fujian Province innovative enterprise
  Xiamen traditional Chinese medicine Co., Ltd. is set up by completely reconstructing its former ---- Xiamen traditional Chinese medicine factory which founded in 1965. The company inherits and carries forward its excellent culture and famous brand from the old herbal medicine shops in Xiamen, such as ZHENGHE HAO, HUAIDEJU,GAOFENG,SHOUSHENG TANG,YITIELING,etc. , all of these shops have a nearly 400-year history. The company has its orientation to specialization and differentiation in the field of anti-inflammatory analgesic of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Its business covers the whole industrial chains of Chinese herbal medicine planting, scientific research, extraction, production and marketing, etc., with the bases of Chinese medicine production in the anti-inflammatory analgesic and the modernization of Chinese medicine preparation , both of which have a considerable influence on China. The company is located in Xiamen light industry and food industry manufacturing zone, covers an area of 125000 m2, with its building area of 45000 m2 (include 35000 m2 plant area ).In 2009, the company invested nearly CNY200 million on  the project of TCM  modernization and then went into operation smoothly (first phase) with an annual capacity of 3000 tons of proprietary Chinese medicines.. In 2013, the company has been passed through the 2010 edition of the GMP certification with its all seven dosage forms of tablet, capsule, granule, powder, pill, lozenge, tea and an API.
   The company is committed to the innovation of pharmaceutical technology and the development of the prescription of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM),so as to dedicate its wisdom to ever more healthy and beautiful future for the mankind. The company has strong technical force, and have the engineering technology provincial research center , as well as the enterprise technology center. It also has its professional R&D team, equipped with the advanced machines and instruments for testing and detecting. Relying on the technology advantage from the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Tianjin Institute of Pharmaceutical Research and other famous scientific research institutes, as well as the Central Research Institute of Shanghai Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., the company sticks to the way of production, development and research with a continuance in developing new varieties of TCM, and redeveloping that of outstanding quality, so that to materialize the organic combination of independent development and cooperative R&D. In recent years, the company has successfully developed a range of new products, such as QIGU capsule, SHENSHU granules (sugar-free type),  KANGLIQUAN capsule, etc, all of which have obtained the patents of invention,the patents of  utility model and have realized the transformation of scientific and technological achievements It undertakes 17 major projects from the State , province and municipality, hence, cultivating a new growth point for the local economic development and the enterprise's subsequent development . Among them, the item of "the demonstration project for high-tech industrialization of QIGU capsule, as an innovative TCM treating for postmenopausal osteoporosis" was listed as special developing projects in 2010's national modern TCM for high technology industries, and "Sarcandra glabra GAP planting demonstration base construction" was included in the national supporting projects of Chinese herbs. In 2009, the company was identified as a state-level high-tech enterprises, and successfully passed the review in 2012.
   Now, the company has 99 durgs production approvals to "Ding Lu" as the trademark, four of them  are the state secrecy varieties , and another four are the protection of state to  TCM. It has formed a series of Compound Chinese Medicine that has a possession of independent intellectual property rights with its prospective market at domestic and abroad, mainly listed such as XINHUANG tablet, BABAODAN pastille, BABAODAN capsule, SHENSHU granules, QIGU capsule, HAIZHUCHUANXIDING tablet, ZHUPOJINGFENSAN powders and etc.. XINHANG tablets are widely cured for all kinds of inflammation and pains as the classic remedy for anti-inflammatory , analgesic and antipyretic; BABAODAN pastille and BABAODAN capsule belong to a natural valuable proprietary of Chinese medicine, that inherits the traditional technology and the history of the royal family's recipe with more than 400 years ; QIGU capsule is of a clinical experience recipe from an old famous Chinese medicine doctor ---- professor Shiyinyu who is a descendant of the SHI's in Shanghai. QIGU capsule is the first choice of Chinese medicine to the treatment of postmenopausal osteoporosis for women. In recent years, the company adheres to the professional academic promotion , and by creating a good brand image, it has constructed the marketing network throughout the country and southeast Asia, and the parts of Europe and the United States . Now, the brand of "Dinglu and log " as well as its products have shown its commercial value ever higher and social impact ever wider as a mature brand was, and identified as famous trademark or the brand name products and the products satisfied by customer, etc. in Fujian province for many years.
   Abiding by the idea of "Be a complete man and performing healthy thing" and "Well-disciplined a man, well-done pharmacy by GMP", the company has been strengthening the integration of internal resources actively promoting the standard implementation of the new edition of GMP and the authentication of cleaning production, and insisting on pharmaceutical technology with digestion, absorption and re-innovation. Furthermore, the company has established and improved the quality assurance system required by GMP, organized production strictly according to the new version of GMP , and finally formed its management mechanism with scientificity, standard and high efficiency. The company has successively introduced, integrated and innovated a series of the advanced technology and the equipment with high efficiency and energy saving for the production of Chinese medicine by means of countercurrent extraction, double-effect concentration, vacuum belt drying, fluidized-bed granulation, high-speed packaging. Therefore, the company established control system for TCM industry with automatization, integration and  modularization, and also set up the system of drug quality traceability and adverse reaction monitoring , so as to ensure the safety of drug quality, let the masses of ordinary people take medicine safely.
Looking forward to the future, embracing health, we will continue to focus on R&D, production and marketing for modern TCM, to foster emphatically the core value of "innovation, integrity, cooperation, tolerance and responsibility", to promote the culture of responsibility , execution and performance , and to build a innovation system with market-oriented , a marketing pattern  aiming at terminal control, a lean production meeting the requirements of cost and quality ,so that can  we form the core of competitive advantage to keep on trying to improve human health and to promote the quality of their lives.